Ramkrishna Short Paragraph In English For All Classes

Ramkrishna Short Paragraph In English For All Classes

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Ramkrishna Short Paragraph In English For All Classes | Ramkrishna Short Biography

Ramkrishna was a great religious leader and a social reformer. He could preach the critical philosophy of the Hindu religion in an easy simple way with example. From a simple priest, he attained sainthood. He was born at Kamarpukur in the district of Hooghly. His father’s name was Khudiram Chattopadhyay and his mother’s name was Chandramani Devi. His early name was Gadadhar.

He did not receive any formal education but was a self-taught man. From his early life, he was indifferent to earthly affairs and spent his time in the company of saints and sanyasis.

He had a great love for meditation. He was appointed as a simple priest in the temple of Goddess Kali at Dakshineswar.

He spent 12 years in meditation at the root of ‘ Panchabati ‘. He understood the essence of Vedanta, Vaishnav, Islam and Christian religion and taught people that no religion is inferior and ‘ Jata mat tata path ‘. His worthy disciple Vivekananda spread his message throughout the world. The great soul went to his heavenly abode in the year of 1886.

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