Write a Short Biography of Mother Teresa

Write a Short Biography of Mother Teresa

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Write a Short Biography of Mother Teresa। Mother Teresa Short Paragraph।

Mother Teresa was a great humanist. She was also a lover of mankind.

She was born on August 26, 1910, in Albania in Yugoslavia. Her original name was Agnis.

Teresa was educated at a Government School in Albania. She came to Kolkata in 1928 for some missionary works.

She became a teacher in a convent school. She loved Kolkata. She dedicated herself to the service of the suffering humanity. She also dedicated herself to the poor.

Her lifestyle was very simple. She wore the simple dress of white blue-bordered sari of the female sweeper.

She avoided publicity. She established a house for the homeless called “Nirmal Harida”. She also established a shelter for the orphans called ” Nirmal Sishu “.

In 1979 she was awarded the “Nobel Peace Prize”. She was also awarded the ” Bharat Ratna ” in 1980. These two awards were given her for her service to the suffering humanity.

She is the pride of India. She breathed her last on September 5, 1997, and was given a state funeral. A large number of people attended her funeral.

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