Television Short Essay In English

Television Short Essay In English

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Television Paragraph In English


All the amazing discoveries of science, are within the reach of man today. And in the modern era, the favourite scientific invention that is the most entertainment in people’s lives is television. Earlier I could hear everything at home through the radio. But not only hearing through television but also seeing all the events. Distant things feel at home can do, can witness. Today Doordarshan has become the main medium of all domestic entertainment in our life.

History of Invention

John Logie Baird invented television in 1926. Although it came into vogue much later. Television first came to India in 1959 AD, in Delhi. Then gradually it spread all over India. Kolkata Doordarshan Center was established on August 9, 1975. India first produced black and white televisions and later produced colour televisions. With the help of a high-powered transmitter, the sound is sent in the ether waves, and with the help of a high-powered camera, the pictures sent up into the ether are simultaneously shown on television.


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Television Essay In Bengali



Doordarshan is a powerful media. Doordarshan is a favourite companion of modern life. Although India is a poor country, it currently has a large number of consumers. Through Doordarshan, kids can enjoy fun shows, quiz contests, and magic all at home. Television is also a useful source of entertainment for adults. Those who are very familiar with sports can watch all the sports events on the TV screen at home. Everything from the Olympics to World Cup football and cricket is broadcasted through it. There is also various awareness on various natural issues, wildlife conservation, and afforestation festivals are all promoted through it. The expansion of public education is so great With the help of the medium it is possible to teach awareness in every home. But it should be used properly. The illiterate villagers, who are involved in agriculture, are also given various advice through television.


Everything has good and bad sides. Similarly, although television has its advantages, its disadvantages are no less. Integrating so many services together at home causes a lot of disruption to education. Without making good use of television, people have taken only entertainment today, which can never be good. Some vulgar, subcultural programs are aired on television, which has a negative effect on teenagers. If you sit in front of the television for a long time, it puts pressure on your eyes. As a result, the eyes become worse.


Science has both advantages and disadvantages. Television has influenced our lives in a surprising way. In order to maintain this popularity at all times, it must be ensured that moral standards are maintained. Healthy programs should be formulated. Its role in creating a healthy cultural environment will be paramount. And so that people can develop better attitude, it should be shown with the help of this mass media.


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Television Short Essay In English For All Classes |Television Paragraph In English | Television Essay In English 300 Words For Class 10, 9, 8, 11, 12 |

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