Science in Everyday Life Paragraph

Science in Everyday Life Paragraph

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Science in Everyday Life Short Essay


The word ‘Science’ means a special kind of knowledge. Modern life without the help of science is unrealistic and unimaginable. In the 20th century, there has been great progress in science. Today, science has entered the alley of people’s daily life of happiness and comfort. Today it can be said that science is our friend.

What science has given?:

Every resource created by science is in the hands of people today. The transportation system is better today. Trains, buses, ships, and aeroplanes are all gifts of science. Also the telephone, and T.V as a gift of science we got all amazing inventions from science.


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Science in daily life:

From the time we wake up to the bedroom, all the things that we find close to us in our daily life are the contribution of science. For example, everything from toothpaste to newspapers, lights, and fans are services of science. Instead of the electric age, now we have got the age of electronics. The influence of everyday science in education also. The T.V., videos, and watches that we use for entertainment every day are also unforgettable gifts of science. In a word, science is our ‘Aladdin’s lamp’ which can present everything in front of us in the blink of an eye.

Rural changes under the influence of science:

Not only in cities but also in villages today, the gift of science is undeniable. Village people used to depend on nature, rain was their constant companion. But the village people are no longer afraid of such disasters due to the damming of the rivers given by science. With the help of the gift of science, electricity has reached the village today. As a result of which the rural cottage industry has flourished today. A weaver who used to toil today no longer has to stand. With the help of electrical machines, they are able to make clothes faster today. In this way, science has lit the light of the improvement in rural underdeveloped life.

Science in the life force:

Apart from entertainment, and useful things, science also contributes a lot to the protection of human health. The Discovery of various chemicals, surgery and this science has built diagnostic tools. Also, many lives are saved today by medicines discovered by science. If a bone is broken in the human body, it is not a matter of fixing it or heavy surgery today. In this case, science is of utmost importance.


The present age is the era of completely science-based technology, which is accompanying every moment in people’s lives. But this science also has some sinister aspects. Some selfish people want to turn the gift of science into a curse. But they have to watch that this ugly intention does not come into effect. Man’s desire to exploit science is evidenced by the dropping of atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Science should be used for human welfare. Only then will it be a blessing to people. And the gift of science should also be delivered to third-world countries. Only then will it be possible to make full use of the contribution of science.


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Science in Everyday Life Paragraph  100 Words For All Classes | Science in Everyday Life Short Essay | Short Note on Science in Everyday Life |

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