Science and Superstition Essay Pdf

Science and Superstition Essay Pdf

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Science and Superstition Paragraph


Since the creation of civilization, people have overcome various adversities and found rare resources. Man has been able to glorify the history of civilization through this. An addiction to discovery is constantly flowing in him. Wants to know the unknown every moment. And knowing the unknown, making the impossible possible is the satisfaction of this conquering soul. And in this victorious soul, prosperity has been imparted through science.

Development of scientific sense

People have improved their standard of living through various discoveries of science. From cave life city life developed through the development of scientific sense. From communication systems to factories, everything has been developed with the help of science. But scientific discovery and scientific understanding are not the same things. The purpose of science is to eliminate ignorance and bring light to knowledge.

Clear and healthy thinking is the real purpose of education. In daily life, people are obsessed with various superstitions. For that, scientific sense should be developed. Only when this sense of development is awakened will there be overall progress in the history of the nation.


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Science and Superstition

There are various obstacles to the development of scientific sense. This includes blind superstition. Society’s religion continues. And it is possible in the scientific sense. But where there is a superstitious society, there cannot be progress.

Only a scientific mind can remove people’s ignorance. Only science can awaken the eternal truth in man. People still believe in miracles. They are engrossed in rituals. And this is happening due to a lack of science. Now there is a struggle between nations, caste discrimination, continuous feminicide, adharma in the name of religion.

Science-Mind Development Programme

Science is neglected in the modern scientific age. Now there is a superstition in society. Although they are science students and teachers, they themselves are averse to science. And so the relentless effort to develop science-minded people is going on, and the public science movement is going on all over the country to develop science-minded people.

A national committee consisting of 26 anthropology organizations across the country has been formed ‘Bharat Gnanavigyan Jatha’. Its purpose is the larger science movement.


Today, the traditional superstitions of people are entrenched in society. Even today, social corruption and oppression are happening constantly. Narrow-mindedness still exists in society. It is not an easy task to verify the truth or falsehood by causality. And the only way out is through scientific thinking.

To be a scientist is to be a futile science mind. Science will emerge only when people recognize the truth. In order to become a reform-free person, the discovery of science must also happen.


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Science and Superstition Essay Pdf  | Science and Superstition Paragraph For All Classes | Science and Superstition Advantages and Disadvantages |

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