Online Letter Writing Tips

Online Letter Writing Tips

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Online Letter Writing Tips

Are you searching online for online letter writing tips, letter writing tips, letter writing tips and tricks etc.

If so, you have reached the right post.

Letter writing is an art. Many call it a lost art. In fact, in a country like ours, letter writing is the cheapest and most popular means of communication.

Letter writing serves as a successful bridge with a distant person or organization.

We have to follow some rules to write a letter.

If you want to learn how to write letters, you have to learn these rules first.

5 Types of Letter Writing

There are usually five types of letters.

i) Personal Letter ii) Business Letter iii) Official letter iv) Social Letter v) Letter to the Press.

Personal Letter

Usually, the letter exchanged between parents, siblings, husband and wife, friends, etc. is called a personal letter. Personal letters are also called Informal letters.

Business Letter

If a letter is related to business, it is called a business letter. This type of letter is also called Formal letter. The language of such letters is clear, concise but self-fulfilling. This type of letter does not mention any additional issues except need.

Official letter

All those letters are related to office work is called Official Letter. In this type of letter, the necessary words are briefly mentioned in simple language in the rules of restraint.

Social Letter

Letters that are written by inviting an individual or an organization are called social letters.

Letter to the Press

This type of letter is written by the newspaper reader to the editor of the newspaper.

Letter Parts

Every letter has 6 parts.

i) The Heading ii) The Salutation iii) The Body of the Letter or the Message iv) The Subscription v) The Signature vi) The Superscription.

The Heading

The address of the writer and the date on which the letter is written.

The address of the author of the personal letter is to be written on the top right of the letter. The date is written below the address.

In the official letter, the address and date of the author should be written on the bottom left of the letter.

Dates are written in various ways such as – The 20th of March 2020, 20.03.15, March 20,2020

The Salutation

The Salutation is written under the heading on the left. After Salutation, You have to use comma ( , ) at the end.

i) To parents, to relatives

Salutation ( beginning ) – My dear mother/father/brother/sister/uncle/aunt/son/Abdullah.

Salutation ( ending ) – Your affectionate son/brother etc. Or your loving son/daughter/sister etc.

ii) To a very close friend or acquaintance

Salutation ( beginning ) – My dear Samim/Sania etc.

Salutation ( ending ) – Yours ever, Ever yours, Sincerely, Sincerely yours, Yours most sincerely, Yours always, Yours loving.

iii) To a friend or lesser known person

Salutation ( beginning ) – Dear Samim/Sania, Dear Mr. Basu.

Salutation ( ending ) – Your sincerely, Sincerely yours, Very sincerely yours, Yours truly, Truly yours.

iv) To a Teacher

Salutation ( beginning ) – My dear sir/madam, Dear sir etc.

Salutation ( ending ) – Yours obediently, Obediently yours, Yours most obidiently.

v) To an Unknown Person

Salutation ( beginning ) – Dear sir /madam.

Salutation ( ending ) – Your sincerely very, Sincerely yours, Yours truly,.

The Body of the Letter or the Message

This part contains the subject matter of the letter writer. This part can be divided into several paragraphs.

The Subscription

After writing the subject matter, the letter writer has to give the subscription in a polite manner.

There are different types of subscriptions. ( see salutation ending )

The Signature

The signature is to be done below the subscription.

In a letter written to a parent or close relative, it is necessary to write only the nickname and not the full name.

In other cases the full name is to be written.

The Superscription

It is the outer part of the letter. Two parts of it – i) Name of the recipient of the letter ii) Full address of the recipient of the letter.

This part has to be written in a neat and beautiful way because letters are distributed after seeing this part.

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The answers to all the questions you found in this post are Online Letter Writing Tips, 5 Types of Letter Writing, Letter Parts etc.

I hope you learned a lot from this post.

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