Kolkata Science City Paragraph

Kolkata Science City Paragraph In English

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Kolkata Science City Paragraph Writing


And there is infinite hope in Kolkata. Where are the new amazing discoveries of science? Kolkata is the place where progress has been made to realize Bengali dreams. And for which India’s first subway was launched here. Vidyasagar Bridge, the second largest international bridge in the world, is floodlit in Eden Gardens and has advanced locations like Science City.

Kolkata is the seat of science

Kolkata is the seat of Indian science. A long time ago science was practised here. And Science City can be considered his contribution. The ‘Bose Science Temple’ was established here, and renowned chemical scientist Prafulla Chandra Roy, and Dr Meghnad Saha established the Institute of Nuclear Physics. In medical science, Dr Bidhanchandra Roy, Upendranath Brahmachari, and Neelratan Sarkar these accomplished Bengali scientists have continued their activities in Kolkata. And this Vigyannagari or Science City can be called a tribute to them.


Science in Everyday Life Paragraph 


Purpose of identifying Science City

The state government wants to establish Kolkata as a science city. And so they turned Kolkata into an international city. Wanted to make the people of Kolkata science-minded and environment conscious. Here before Birla Industrial and Technological Museum has been established. Through this, the evolution of science and technology, as well as the present progress, is sought to be accelerated. Kolkata: Also aims to make science acceptable to people. Various causes and rules can be found here by hand-checking. Currently, this science city has gained fame in Kolkata.

Why Vigyannagar is attractive?

Vigyannagari is developed and has various interesting objects, which we could not imagine. There are strange creatures, time machines, earthquakes, quicksand, and swirling ocean waves on Astrovision’s sky-pair screen. The fearsome dinosaurs of the prehistoric age attract people. All the unknown theories are known here. And along with that entertainment is also for busy people. Also, Energy Park, Eco pool are all present here.


The Science City of Kolkata is our pride. This science city of ours is a pillar of science in India. The discovery of Science City is an icon of unknown joy to the people of Kolkata and India. Unknown theories and various marvels of science have laid the foundation for direct experience here. Building this science-only city at a huge expense will make science more popular.

Kolkata Science City Paragraph In English For All Classes | Kolkata Science City Paragraph Writing |

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