Fish Aquarium maintenance tips

Fish Aquarium Maintenance Tips

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Colourful fish inside a small glasshouse. Colourful fish is reared after photography in the order of popularity in the world. By aquarium, we know that there are many kinds of colourful fish in the glasshouse.

The aquarium is a favorite thing of all people. Keeping aquariums at home is everyone’s hobby.

But many people think that having an aquarium at home causes some extra problems. Such as – regular cleaning, changing the water and feeding the fish in the morning and afternoon.

So it is seen that many people keep the aquarium as a hobby but leave it out after a while.

So I will tell you to read the post carefully from the beginning to the end and enjoy the pleasure of keeping fish in the aquarium very easily.

 fish aquarium care tips

Fish Aquarium Care Tips

fish aquarium maintenance tips :

Firstly :

Fish live longer in large aquariums. So I will tell you to try to buy a slightly larger aquarium. This is because the water quality in a small size aquarium can be lost in a short period of time which is not lost in a large size aquarium.

Secondly :

There are many fish who do not live without oxygen supply.

Power filters need to be used to supply oxygen to the aquarium. Power filter aeration and filter work together.

The biggest advantage of this filter is that it is easy to clean, so you don’t have to change the water frequently.

When you notice that the air speed of the filter is decreasing i.e. the bubble air is decreasing or is moving occasionally, you will take the filter out of the aquarium then clean the middle sponge and put it back in the aquarium.

Thirdly :

Most people use small white and black stone slabs at the bottom of the aquarium. The waste that is excreted from fish is but deposited on these small rocks.

The fish in the aquarium poke the waste into their mouths and pollute the water.

In order to keep the fish in the aquarium well, it is necessary to use large stones instead of small stones. One or more layers of large stones should be spread on the small stones.

As a result of placing large stones in the aquarium – the waste material accumulates on the small boulders below with the gaps of the large stones. Placing large stones in the aquarium prevents the fish from contaminating the water.

Fourthly :

If the water in the aquarium gets too cold during the winter, the fish may die. If the water temperature drops below 15 degrees, the fish are more likely to die.

Use a heater in the aquarium at this time. Try buying auto heaters.

Freshwater Aquarium Care Tips

If fish as well as other aquatic animals are kept in the aquarium, the aquarium will become diverse. Among aquatic animals – turtles, shrimps, snails etc.

However, if these aquatic animals are kept in aquariums, create a space on the surface of the water where they can get up and rest.

It is better not to keep large turtles in the aquarium as they drain a lot of waste and the water gets dirty quickly.

If the water in the aquarium is high in iron, red or brown spots appear on the glass. For this, you have to shout with the blade and throw it in the water. Soap or detergent should not be used in any way.

If the aquarium water is cloudy, use methylene blue (2-3 drops per liter of water).

Do not change all or half of the water together. Do not use filament lights.

Planted Aquarium Care Tips

Sinking creeping plants are more attractive than aquatic plants floating in aquariums. Aquatic plants Aquarium lights prevent light from entering the water.

If you want to plant a drowning aquatic plant in an aquarium, you need to collect it with roots. The collection must be placed in his aquarium within a very short time.

Large leaf plants should be planted in small numbers.

Fish Keeping Aquarium Tips

Apart from foreign fish, small domestic fish can also be kept in the aquarium. Among small fish such as putti, tangra, magur, shingi, shoal and koi etc.

Waste-eating fish such as saccharine mouth, horseface, loch, curry cat etc. should be kept in the aquarium. This is because these fish play a special role in cleaning the bottom of the aquarium or the dirt on the glass.

Fighter (male) cannot be kept multiple. Widow Detra can attack other fish if they are many (usually more than five) at a time.

You should never use a bowl or your own hand to catch fish from an aquarium. Buy a net with a kind of handle and use it to draw fish from the aquarium.

Aquarium Fish Feeding Tips

Many people are worried about feeding the fish. Eating twice a day is enough (morning and afternoon or at night).

How much to feed depends on the number of fish in the aquarium.

Try to apply multiple foods to the aquarium. Because it will increase both the health of the fish and the interest in food.

Fish that live at the bottom of the aquarium need to be fed so that it reaches the bottom.

If semolina is used as food, bottom fish can also be taken as food.

Give enough food so that the fish can eat it in 15 minutes. If you see that there is still food left after 15 minutes, then reduce the amount of time to feed next.

Turn off the power filter for a while when using semolina aquarium as food.

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