Computer Short Essay In English

Computer Short Essay In English

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Use of Computer Essay In English


Science is a wonder to us. And his inventions are all wonderful things. The fascinating wonder of science today is the computer. There was a time when people did everything themselves. But a great power of machine power has been felt in various discoveries of science. In today’s era, machines and man are each other’s companions. The most important invention in the history of mechanical development is the computer. Today’s age is the computer age.

What is a computer?

The word computer means ‘electronic mass machine’. With this machine, large-scale additions and subtractions are done quickly and accurately in a very short time. This device is also helping to improve the quality of life. This device has become functional in a very short time. This device is not only used for work but also for personal needs.


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Evolution of computer creation

British mathematician Charles Babbage is the father of computers. The computer was made of metal parts. This automatic device was first available in 1946 AD. Since then it has evolved rapidly. Innovation has come in structure and nature. This device has established itself in social life.

Features of Computer

Computers perform various functions. And so the brain is needed to hold it. So it has a memory. Here’s what to do, and how to do it. The first of these two things is called information, and the second is called program. The structure and structure of a computer determine its functioning. A lot of work can be done by exchanging information and programs on the same computer. Human thought and intelligence can be integrated with it to improve its performance. Today, this device is moving towards the future in various and multifaceted ways.

Use of computer

Various types of work are done on the computer, from the calculation to the monthly calculation of the employees, all the computers keep it. Computers can control flying space vehicles and their speed, planning and controlling the production of large factories. The use of computers is also essential in social work. This machine has made various tasks of society easy and natural. In its ability to calculate quickly and accurately, this computer is unmatched in terms of data storage.

Contribution of Computers

Currently, computers manage a large part of various human tasks. Computers can speed up the tasks that humans take a lot of time to do. In today’s age, time is of infinite value. And this time-saving device is a computer. So computers have helped a lot not only in work but also in improving the quality of life.


The invention of the computer is an absolute wonder of the modern age. Computers are making various complex tasks for people very easy and simple. However, the prevalence of computers has increased the number of unemployed in the country. Yet the value of computers in the era of economic planning is immense.


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Computer Short Essay In English For All Classes | Computer Short Note In English | Use of Computer Essay In English For Class 10, 9, 8, 11, 12 |

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