bengal season paragraph

Bengal Season Paragraph

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The form of Bengal is very beautiful.

This beauty of Bengal can be seen in the diversity of nature. Nature has unhesitatingly spread the dali of its form through rural Bengal.

And this form has taken over through six seasons. A wonderful variety has been rhythmic through the change of seasons. Even the effect of this variation of seasons is known in the life of Bengalis.

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The seasons have been divided into six parts in view of the variety of seasons in Bengal.

Although the six seasons episode is not successfully visible in the warm main country. The durability of autumn and spring in particular is so low that it becomes almost meaningless to distinguish these two seasons.

However, there are six seasons of Bengal in the variety of seasons.

The six seasons of Bengal

Summer is the first of the six seasons in Bengal.

Summer nature sometimes manifests itself in the form of Rudra Sannyasi, and sometimes in the form of Bhishana Bhairavi through Kalavaishakhi.

Dust storms, thunderstorms, lightning strikes, a new era begins. In the heat of summer, the whole people breathed a sigh of relief.

But in order to go to war with this heat, Guruguru played the drum of the cloud and the sky was filled with clouds announcing the arrival of rain with a flash of lightning.

Then, in the New Year, nature is decorated in a new way. The ceremony of green leaves in the trees, the new murmur of life awakens in the rivers and canals.

Adiganta is adorned with petals and takes the form of a green flower. The air is fragrant with the flowers like Tugger, Yuthika etc.

As soon as the stream of Shravan ends, the sun breaks the clouds. A raft of white clouds floats in the sky.

A bunch of coughs shook its white skin and invoked Saratrani. Immediately the festive mood descended on the heart of Bengal.

In the sunny blue sky, sometimes a cloud of light brings a drop or two of rain. But in the last hours of autumn, the mist and dew spread their frosty sheets.

With the happy arrival of autumn, the fields are filled with golden paddy. The body feels a little shivering after the frost. Then the winter debuted.

There is no such vitality in nature, what an inertia everywhere. How awkward people are all in the severe winter.

But at the end of this bored life, the arrival of spring in the seasonal hall awakens the soul. With the red touch of Palash, the appearance of spring in the form of the fire of Krishnacura, nature really takes a fancy form. With the arrival of the season, nature develops itself in the “golden courtyard of glory” at the peak of the peak.

Impact on life

Bengali life is intertwined with the diversity of seasons in Bengal. According to the seasons, life is sometimes slow, sometimes slow and sometimes full of vitality.

People’s minds are refreshed during the festive season. Once again, people became active in the life of winter fog.


The nature of Bengal revolving around the seasons has given a new look to Bengal. Who doesn’t love all the six seasons that revolve around the cycle of the seasons.

The poet was happy to see this fancy form of the Bengali season and said – “I will come back to the bank of the rice ladder”.

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